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James’ passion for coaching and his desire to lead, brought him to pursue coaching as a career.


After leaving the UK in 2016 to travel and transition from electrician to coach, James spent many years developing in different boxes across the globe.


Personal Training

One-on-one training session under the experienced eye of a certified NCCP weightlifting coach and CFL1 with 6+ years of experience. Learn and refine techniques to acquire new strengths and skills with hands-on coaching and immediate feedback. 


Best for athletes needing a more personalized, specific and hands-on coaching experience than following a program alone or a group class can offer to reach your desired fitness goals. 


Book a free personal training consultation to get started.

Remote Coaching

Individualized programming with video analysis to help athletes achieve their specific training goals. Detailed training sessions with movement demo videos, weekly training review, clear actionable feedback, and access to your coach to answer training questions via the true coach app. 


Best for experienced athletes with specific training goals. Specifically for helping athletes achieve higher-level skills. E.g Muscle-ups, TTB, Pull-ups, HSPU, HS walking, Snatch, C&J that are currently out of reach. 


Also great for serious athletes looking to compete and take their training to the next level by following a program designed specifically to work on their weaknesses.  


And for athletes looking to double down on getting stronger in powerlifting to olympic lifting to rehabbing after an injury. 

Book a free individulized programming consultation to get started. 

Pro Tip 

For best results, I highly advise combining programming with regular private training sessions. You will get the best results with a combination of the two. Programming gives athletes guidance with the flexibility of their own training schedule. While private training lets me coach athletes to master technique and movement patterns in person.


James passion for weightlifting was evident in every single class. His adapted programming was perfect, focusing on the right amount of technique and load that helped me progress. His cues and coaching helped me perform better at training and at competitions.


In just over a year I saw huge improvements in my technique and confidence, and even took part in my first competition! James pays lots of attention to detail and prioritizes proper technique to make sure novice lifters develop a great foundation.


James coached me on my big competition at Can West and I learned to listen my body and my coach, I PR my snatch that day, hitting 135lbs that for was the best day of my life. I consider James an amazing coach and human being. Thanks boss for all the lessons during this year.

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